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Multilevel spinal fusion (L3-S1) – recovery week 6

I meant to write more about my recovery, but things like world-wide pandemics have gotten in the way. Also, the recovery is very slow. ...

Mulitlevel Spinal fusion recovery (L3-S1) Day 28

I had meant to write more about my recovery and how well or otherwise it’s been going.  To be honest, with the current COVID-19 crisis, I’ve...

Multilevel spinal fusion (L3 – S1) – Day 16

It is now day 16 since my three level lumbar spinal fusion and decompression.  Pain levels have steadied to very manageable during the day,...

Multilevel spinal fusion (L3 – S1) – the surgery (part two)

This is part two of my time in hospital recovering from my three level spinal fusion. I need to blog about it to...

Multilevel Spinal Fusion – L3-S1 – the surgery (part one)

I’m home.  I did it. I made it through the surgery I didn’t believe I’d live through.It didn’t go without a hitch though.  No...