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Jan 11 – My appointment with Boy Wonder immunologist a few...

I have to write this appointment up.  Just so I remember.  The appointment wasn’t a complete write off, but his attitude was.  After waiting two hours...

I am mentally ill and I am not ashamed

I am quiet, but I am not ashamed. I had a major psychological break and I am suffering from mental illness. I'm not hiding...

Mr Staypuft the Marshmallow Man…and the endless prednisone taper

I’m tired and I’m fed up.  Every morning and evening the swelling is pretty gross.  From talking with a friend online, I realised its...

Full body megaflare and tapered to 5mg

Friday night the megaflare hit.  In truth, I expected to spend far more time in a full body megaflare during this taper.  I’m at...

Full body megaflare but its pain with a purpose

Today is a full body megaflare knockdown day. I have taken all the pain meds I can take. More will only make me pass...