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What does chronic pain look like?

What does pain look like? Seriously. It’s effing obvious. It’s got nothing to do with how a person looks. Because you should have seen...

The Chicklet and her anxiety and my own head space

I am so unbelievably tired.  And I’m in more pain than usual, because I have taken my one pain pill for today.  And slow...

Pain scale charts and my daily number living with chronic pain

You know when you tell a doctor you’re in pain, and they ask you what pain number you are?  They usually ask you this...

Rheumatoid Arthritis and those nights where the pain is out of...

I'm only having two or three full body mega flare nights each week now...nights where the pain is out of control...nights where I lie...

Rheumatoid Arthritis – is it pain or fatigue?

I have to laugh at myself.  I have been lying here most of the morning.  Last night was an awful night.  I had to...