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Rheumatoid Arthritis, degenerative disease and the opioid crisis

I take opioid pain relief every day.  Oxycodone to be exact, Targin (oxycodone and naloxone, currently 10mg morning and night) which is slow release,...

Pain management doctor rheumatoid arthritis August 2019

This morning I really, really did not want to see my pain management doctor. I did a lot yesterday…pushed through a whole lot of pain...

March 2019 – GP appointment

I ran out of pain medication, because my pain levels have been ever increasing.  Because I am tapering prednisone, and not allowed nsaids. So I took three...

RA Blog Week 18 – The Medicine

It’s RA blog week again, and I’ve committed to blogging as much as possible.  I haven’ t been able to blog much lately, because...

My ‘Chronic Pain suit’ that all doctors and policy makers should...

A friend posted on my page that it would be great to get doctors, and other non-believers (friends, families, politicians) to have to wear...