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Feb 2017 Immunologist appointment

Yesterday I saw my Immunologist.  She’s dedicated and a really caring lady.  She’s also quite fascinated with my case, and hasn’t gotten bored or...

30 Jan 2017 – update on the update

So update on the update, I can’t get my feet into my shoes.  Slip-ins only, and even then I can’t get my fat feet...

Rheumatoid arthritis and when the awareness raising has already been done

I have hearing loss in my left ear, and wear a hearing aid.  It is such a tiny little thing, stuck behind my left...

Hearing loss and hearing return…however fleeting, means the diagnosis is wrong

I had the most amazing thing happen today at gym. It’s a light workout day – walk on a treadie for 20 minutes. Tinnitus...

Appointment with the Otolaryngologist, or Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon.

Ok, this guy could not have been less interested in me. What is it with me? I am totally disinteresting to everyone. No one...