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A little fable about my trip to gym this morning

I was feeling OK this morning so I went to gym.  My favourite class.  It’s a 30 minute group session that focuses on core...

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Prednisone and Exercise

Today is the first day that I feel a bit OK in a while.  Pain mostly controlled by oxycodone, prednisone sitting at 20mg but...

Rheumatoid Arthritis and going back to yoga/pilates exercises

I went to my yoga/pilates based class for the first time in many months.  I just stopped going. Why? Because I was sick of...

High blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis and mixed connective tissue disease

I’ve been a very strong advocate for exercise right from the start.  I exercise on all but the very worst days.  And I exercise...

Exercise and RA #RAblog

I have always been an exerciser. Gym junkie.  Runner.  Karate-geek.  There has always been exercise in my life.  When I was younger it was...