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Disability life – the jilted gardener

I hired a person to do my gardening, that is, mowing, weeding and trimming back of the hedges.  She did an OK job, not...

Living with Invisible illness – Am I disabled?

Am I disabled?  This was a question I wrestled with for a long time. Years ago, my rheumatoid arthritis was severe, and the only...

Week two of school and why can’t the bus run on...

It’s the second week of school, and the bus has been at least 20 minutes late every morning, save two.  Today the bus just...

Service Dog Training: First official outing in Elke’s Jacket

It has taken about seven months of training to get to this point – Elke’s first official outing as a Service Dog in Training. ...

Training my dog to be a Service Dog

My best couch buddie is Elke, my big, sooky, lovable German Shepherd Dog.  On good days we play ball and take short walks. On...