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Chronic pain studies

The media, medical professionals and certain pain advocacy organisations are constantly  pushing a message that opioids are ineffective for chronic pain, that opioids actually...

What does chronic pain look like?

What does pain look like? Seriously. It’s effing obvious. It’s got nothing to do with how a person looks. Because you should have seen...

Chronic pain and opioids – my take

There is a huge disconnect in the chronic pain world, largely between those who believe opioids are an effective therapy when prescribed appropriately, albeit...

Pain scale charts and my daily number living with chronic pain

You know when you tell a doctor you’re in pain, and they ask you what pain number you are?  They usually ask you this...

Are opioids appropriate for the chronic pain of inflammatory arthritis?

The opioid debate. I read an article today about how opioids 'don't work' for chronic pain. That chronic pain is not severe enough to...