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“Catastrophising” makes rheumatoid arthritis pain worse

A new study study presented in early June at the annual congress of the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR), has shown that catastrophising makes rheumatoid arthritis pain worse. 

High impact chronic pain advocacy work and why I gave up...

I have been doing a lot of work, public advocacy and a lot of behind the scenes work for high impact chronic pain patients...

My ‘Chronic Pain suit’ that all doctors and policy makers should...

A friend posted on my page that it would be great to get doctors, and other non-believers (friends, families, politicians) to have to wear...

Chronic pain studies

The media, medical professionals and certain pain advocacy organisations are constantly  pushing a message that opioids are ineffective for chronic pain, that opioids actually...

What does chronic pain look like?

What does pain look like? Seriously. It’s effing obvious. It’s got nothing to do with how a person looks. Because you should have seen...