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Monday morning and and a big week ahead

Monday morning and I'm starting the week with 4.5 hours of sleep. My left side is numb and as I force it to move, it...

Why my rheumatologist is not a bad rheumatologist

I write about my rheumatology appointments and I often come away from them upset.  Sometimes I come away from them in tears, because while...

Long standing Rheumatoid arthritis and remission…is it even possible?

Sometimes I lose hope.  Sometimes I don’t see an end to the pain.  Sometimes the road to a drug, or a combination of drugs,...

Rheumatoid arthritis and a Steroid shot into my Sacroilliac (SI) ...

I had been looking forward to this morning for weeks.  A steroid injection into my spine!  My recent MRI showed facet joint arthritis and...