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2018 and the beginning of the school year with Adrenal Insufficiency

Gamerboy and the Chicklet are again attending the same school, in a suburb that is 16km away from my home.  There are no buses...

Recovery and back into the fray…the medical and disability to do...

Yesterday I was thrown back into the fray.  After about two weeks of being psychologically and physically incapable of dealing with any aspect of...

Adrenal insufficiency or something else…the worst week of my life yet

I’m still here on the couch, holding out and trying to avoid the ER.  If I thought for one second they would give me...

Full body megaflare and tapered to 5mg

Friday night the megaflare hit.  In truth, I expected to spend far more time in a full body megaflare during this taper.  I’m at...

Adrenal insufficiency and prednisone side effects

So prednisone then.  I need it. Not only to function, to walk, even jog occasionally.  I need it to survive. Adrenal insufficiency means that your...