How to keep salad greens fresh


    Few things are as simple or as healthy as a nice fresh green salad.  But if you’re like me, you spend a fortune on fresh salad leaves and fresh leafy greens like spinach and rocket, and they go soggy and disgusting before you’ve eaten them.   Wilty, soggy, sad salad.  Not appetising.

    Terrible waste. And pretty gross as well.

    So how to keep them fresh?  I’ve tried a few methods, and what seems to work best is a damp tea towel and a plastic bag.

    I’ve used spinach leaves this time, but all types of lettuce, mescalun, iceberg, whatever keep for a week this way.

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    Storing leafy greens
    How to store your salad greens and keep them fresh for longer.
    Course Side Dish
    Course Side Dish
    1. So first, you need your bag of salad, and a clean tea towel.
      salad greens in bag
    2. Get your clean tea towel and wet it with cold water. Then wring it out so its damp. When you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, this whole wringing out the tea towel business can get difficult pretty quick, and you might not have the hand strength to do it, so it works even better if you have a nice, teenaged son to do it for you. Or even teenaged daughter. But if you don't have one of those, you'll just have to do it yourself.
    3. Now you need to carefully wash your nice, fresh salad leaves. Then get out your trusty salad spinner (did I not mention that you need one of those?) and spin the leaves until they are clean and dry.
    4. Spread out the damp tea towel, and spread the clean, spun salad leaves on the tea towel.
      salad leaves on tea towel
    5. Wrap the leaves gently in the tea towel.
    6. Then gently put the whole thing in a freezer bag. You an also put it in a hard plastic container. I think this prevents your leaves from getting bruised and squished in the fridge and they keep longer. The damp tea towel stays cold, and it will absorb excess moisture. I take fresh leaves out every day, and they easily keep a week. After that, even if they look good, I tend to toss them. I check them every day, because I tend to have salad almost every day in summer. It works with paper dry paper towel as well, but I find the damp tea towel keeps the leaves fresher. So give it a go and never throw out those expensive salad leaves again!
      salad leaves in bag
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