Bulgogi – Korean BBQ Beef

    Korean Bulgogi

    I love beef. I love BBQ.  And this recipe is a winner.  Bulgogi is a classic Korean dish consisting of thinly sliced beef, marinaded in a sweet and salty soy sauce based marinade and then grilled on the barbeque (or a frying pan).

    It can be served with fresh, crunchy vegetables, salad leaves or rice.  Or all of the above.


    Use sirloin,  skirt or other premium cuts.  You can use cheaper cuts, but the meat the meat needs to be marinaded overnight.

    Put the beef in the freezer for two hours, so its semi-frozen. This makes it easier to slice thinly.

    Drain off the marinade before searing on a very hot grill or pain.  If you have too much liquid, the meat will stew in the marinade and the end result with be tough, instead of char grilled and tender.

    Cook the thinly sliced beef in batches, don’t over-crowd the pan or grill and makes sure its hot!

    Marinade for a minimum of an hour to develop the flavours.  Tougher cuts can be used for Bulgogi, but these should be marinaded overnight.

    Don’t skip the pear!  The pear acts as a tenderizer, and you can use onion or apple instead, but the pear gives the dish the authentic Bulgogi flavour.

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    Bulgogi - Korean BBQ Beef
    1. Slice the beef thinly
      thinly sliced sirloin
    2. Peel and chop the pear and process in a food processor.
      chopped pear
    3. Pulse or process until a rough puree
    4. Add the other marinade ingredients
      Bulgogi marinade
    5. Add the beef strips and marinade at least an hour, prefefably overnight.
      bulgogi beef marinade
    6. Drain marinade and grill in a HOT pan or on grill. Serve immediately with salad leaves, steamed vegetables or rice.
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