Dr Pain – radiofrequency neurotomy complications. No care and no responsibility


Ok, so Dr Pain’s nurse finally called back. She has decided I’m really in pain that warrants further attention. Today I told her almost exactly what I told her on Monday, verbatim. But she didn’t pay any attention on Monday because she assumed I am just a cry baby and I was talking about normal bruising after a radiofrequency neurotomy.

Today she agreed that this much pain is not normal. I told her I had seen my GP because I couldn’t manage the pain, and for someone with refractory RA to say they can’t manage the pain is quite a statement. I told her the doses of pain meds that had been prescribed to me. She was shocked and said she would talk to the doctor.

Hear that? She hadn’t even told Dr Pain that I was having post op complications. Even though I specifically asked her to talk to him to give me pain management advice. Being that he’s a pain management doctor, and all. Unbelievable.

I was in a load of pain on Monday not to mention doped to the gills, but I believed she said that she would reserve a spot for me on Thursday (today). But she didn’t. Dr Pain is fully booked out today and tomorrow. The best she can do is the cancellation list.

Great. Thanks for that. Awesome after care. This woman clearly has no idea what it is like to be in excruciating pain. And I must admit, I wish I could let her feel my nerve endings for just five minutes. She deserves it!

But there is no point arguing with her. She is the gatekeeper to further treatment. It doesn’t pay to piss her off. She has made no appointment time for me. She will just call me when a space becomes available. It will be very interesting to see when/if that happens.

And the truth? I’m not even sure that I want this doctor anywhere near me again. He has screwed up big time. I’d love another doctor’s opinion on what the H he did to me…but that’s unlikely. The procedure was a cock up from start to finish. The anesthetist didn’t use local with the propofol so that the sedation burned. He rendered me completely unconscious when it was supposed to be twilight sedation. You are supposed to be able to talk to the patient while doing nerve ablations to be sure you are burning the right nerves.

He clearly did NOT burn the right nerves.

Having said all of that, I AM feeling a bit better today. I can walk unaided for a few minutes. I could drive a car a short distance if I had to. I have reflexes in my leg, and I can move it quickly now. I still choose not to drive just yet.

I am improving, but slowly. I cancelled my GP appointment tomorrow, because I don’t believe there’s anything more he can do. I have pain meds, I have anti-inflammatories. I have heat and ice and I am resting.  All I can really do is wait and see how much improvement I will get over coming days. When that improvement levels off, I will go see him.

I am doing some yoga stretches, very gently. It’s a very concentrated, and intense area of pain. I’m working around it. I am trying not to be angry, but I am inventing new swear words daily. I’d like to learn a foreign language, so I can swear multilingually. This has been one of my worst weeks ever, and I am very curious as to whether Dr Pain will do anything to assist.  A decent doctor would fit me in somewhere.  A doctor who cared.


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