Complications of Radiofrequency neurotomy – sometimes other nerves get irritated


I called Dr Pain-management’s rooms. As expected the nurse tried to tell me it was normal. That a little bit of pain, some bruising was normal.

I had to interrupt her and tell her this was not a bit of bruising, nor was it that feeling like being hit in the back. I have had a radiofrequency neurotomy before and I know what is normal afterwards.

Also, I would not be calling about a ‘little bit of pain’. This is severe pain, very concentrated in one area. It feels like nerve pain, because if I lie still, I am pain free. But if I start to move the pain grows and grows until I have to just freeze. I can take maybe ten steps before I can walk no further and the breath is knocked out of me. My leg also collapses out from under me sometimes. It is NOT normal.

This pain is more severe than the initial lumbar spine pain that the ablation was supposed to treat. On the upside, the lumbar pain is almost non existent. So it was a success on that front at least.

She said sometimes nerves get nicked or irritated and can cause some pain for a few days. She said wait until Thursday and if its still a problem Dr Pain-management can do an injection into the nerve to calm it down.

So fine. That’s what I’ll do. I hope it improves, but seeing as it hasn’t improved much in four days, I’m not hopeful. I am betting I’ll be stuck on the couch this week. And not safe to drive myself anywhere. Just. Great. My son’s first week of school holidays. Awesome timing.

But there is nothing I can do, so no use complaining. I’ll wait it out and hope for the best.


  1. I am also having nerve problems, but in neck. My rheumatologist thinks its cervical radiculitis. that would explain the numbness and tingling but waiting for results from radiology. It has put a damper on my summer too!


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