Why in the world am I doing Christmas Eve dinner for 12?


So why am I doing dinner for 12 on Christmas Eve? Truth is I AM actually the least stressed person in my family. Cos I’m like that. I’m a total dork and I will dag my way through it. And it will actually be easier for me to have it here than drive at night. Even a 20 minute drive at 9pm (hopefully home time) when I’m in in pain, drugged up on oxycodone and tired, is NOT safe. I won’t do it. Especially not with my kids in the car.

I haven’t been out after dark in years (driving). And I’m not paying $100 for a cab on Xmas eve!

Other people will be bringing a lot of the food, I just have to coordinate the menu and make everything pretty. I like making things pretty…but if I don’t manage that, NOT the end of the world. Unpretty food tastes good too 🙂. I’m going to make the same dishes I made a few years ago – still got all those recipes, they’re easy, and they were good! A lot of it I can make up to two days ahead, and just reheat on the night.

I get to control the start and end times – start the evening early, 4pm drinks, for an early dinner at 5pm. All done and dusted by 9pm. Good for my niece as well, she’s only seven. I get to control where I sit, and where other people sit. I get to have a DRINK. My sister gets to have a drink too because her house is walking distance away. I get to make sure there are allergy friendly options.

I have a room big enough to put a table for 12 together (two tables end to end). I have loads of Christmas music and an awesome stereo to fill in the awkward silences. I am a dork, as previously mentioned, and will fill the awkward silences with dorky jokes. I have a huge yard for the kids to run around in. Sadly someone else’s dog destroyed the trampoline mat and they didn’t replace it. People, eh? But still. The seven year olds have space to run, even if my poor pooch will have to be locked away. In my room. With a Christmas ham bone 😉. I have two living areas, and I can contain the guests in one, and my kids (both of whom have social anxiety and sensory issues) can escape to the other living room, or to their rooms to take a breather if they need to. And no, they are not being rude. My son will certainly need time away from the crowd. And 12 people IS a crowd to him, and some of them are strangers. I have a week to get prepared and I have already started.

Oh and when I run out of steam, MY comfy couch is right there. People are welcome to keep celebrating in the other room, or join me on the couch.

But next year, NEXT YEAR I plan to be somewhere far, far away!!!  With my kids. And someone will just wait on me.

POSTBLOG!:  My mother hijacked Christmas.  She hates having an early christmas, she likes a late celebration. Doesn’t matter that there are kids who need to go to bed, or a daughter who is sick and needs to rest. NOPE. its what SHE wants.  So she showed up an hour and a half late, with her dish (that takes an hour and a half to cook) still raw and uncooked. So that dinner didn’t even happy until 8pm. What SHE wanted. Passive agressive way to make it happen her way.  NEVER again! Next year its going to be just ME and my KIDS!  I’ve never had a christmas just with my kids. Never.  Next year. No matter the consequences.


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