Week two of school and why can’t the bus run on time!


It’s the second week of school, and the bus has been at least 20 minutes late every morning, save two.  Today the bus just didn’t come at all!

Very annoying for most people.

Huge problem for me.

I’m not mobile at 8am.  I’m not mobile at 8:30am.  Each morning I wake up around 7am when my kids do, take my meds, and wait.  I am in a lot of pain, its normal for me to have a fever.  Over the course of the next two to three hours, the medications kick in (prednisone, oxycodone, Panadol/Tylenol) and I start to move.  I walk up and down the hallway, I make coffee, I stretch out my joints, bend and move my joints through their range of motion.  I try to eat something light, lately I’m still eating risotto for breakfast.  That’s my routine to get moving in the morning, and it takes time.

I’m not ready to move, or able to move well at 8:30am, but this morning I had to drive my son to school.  Because the stupid bus didn’t come.

The drive isn’t far, it’s maybe 5km to the school from my house.  But near the school its congested, I have to concentrate hard so as not to knock down some school kid, or idiot teacher riding their bike up the middle of the road. Not to mention the stupid woman who just opens her driver side door into oncoming traffic.

Hugely stressful.

But I made it safely. I got my son to school, and even before the bell.  And now I’m feeling incredibly nauseous, weak and shaky, dizzy and of course in pain, and I need to lie down and recover.  I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open.  Exhausted.

So much for my morning plans.  Because the stupid bus didn’t come!

As I said, very annoying for most people.  Completely turned my day upside down for me.  There have been times in the past where my son just hasn’t gone to school. I physically couldn’t drive him there.

Today I got him there, but it’s taken a toll. So now, I need to rest.  And the other things I had planned are just not going to happen.  Once again bringing home hard a reminder of the very fine balance I live on, dancing along the edge.  And how such a simple thing can totally derail my day.  So now I will sleep.

And later, the bus company will be getting a strongly worded phone call about their bus service!


  1. I used to hate a fouled up bus routes. In the US, if the bus don’t come the kids don’t go. I know that is likely a short-sighted approach, but if mom calls the school and says hey my kids did not get picked up, let’s just say…. it only happens once. (per school year of course)

    • That sounds like a far better approach than over here Rick! The bus company could not have cared less. I have now put in a formal complaint. Don’t annoy a couch warrior…I got nothing else to do but follow this up! 🙂

  2. I don’t know how old your kids are but if the it’s less than 5 km riding should be an option for your kids.
    Also is it possible to contact the schools social worker about the bus situation and have the sort out alternative transport for when the bus doesn’t come?


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