Week 2 of the new school, travelling grind


Well, this morning it began, as I knew it would. Gamerboy refusing school. He’s sick. But he’s only sick from anxiety and dread of school. He does physically feel like crap, but its not a physical illness. He knows he has to go, and so he did. I know that the first time he skips a day, a class even, this is all over.

He has no friends, this is the main problem. School is a miserable experience when you have no friends, especially when you’re 17 and in year 12. I wish just one kid would make an effort to befriend him. There is a distinct lack of ‘nice’ in the world.

Speaking of which, last night the Chicklet received several anonymous messages via a Snapchat type app telling her to kill herself. Obviously she’s very upset today.

We’re waiting at the dietitian. Half an hour early, because we dropped off Gamerboy, and there was no point going home. So we wait in a stinky waiting room full of noise and people with hard, hard chairs. This is why this is so hard on my body.

After this appointment I have to take the Chicklet back to school. That will be around 11am. Then I can go home. Gamerboy finishes at 12:35. So I’ll get home, have an hour to rest and have to go back and pick him up. I can’t leave him there on his own until 3:30pm, when the Chicklet finishes. He won’t cope. And no, I am not smoking him. If I force him to stay there, I am significantly increasing the chances of him not going to school tomorrow. He is not being stubborn or selfish or difficult. He has a disability. If he had Downs Syndrome no one would expect me to leave him in an environment that he finds extremely stressful. This is no different.

So I’ll get back home at 1pm. Then I’ll have 2 hours before heading back out to the school to get the Chicklet at 3:30pm.

Truly shit day.

I am also out of thyroid meds. It needs to be compounded, so I have to beg them to put a rush on it. They probably won’t. How I could have not noticed I was running out is beyond me. Important stuff is falling through the cracks.

I know there are 20 other things I need to do today, but I can’t remember anything. I am doing better because the 25mg of prednisone has kicked in, but today will wipe me. And the next five days are the same. No opportunity for real rest. No opportunity to pursue things I actually enjoy. Just running the schedule and putting out fires.

I did NOT need some jumped up, acne faced teenager telling the Chicklet to go kill herself. I’ll be reporting THAT to the e-safety commissioner. For all the good that will do.

I can’t believe people can be so callous. This crap isn’t funny, and it’s made an already hard day, much harder for us. The Chicklet is mega anxious about talking to the dietitian. Must focus on calming her down. Ten minutes to appointment time. Hope she’s not running late.


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