This radiofrequency neurotomy is not like the last one…


chocolateI’m in a lot more pain than I expected to be. Fresh from my talk with my other pain management doc yesterday, I am feeling free to up my oxycodone dose today. My first percutaneous radiofrequency neurotomy left me feeling bruised for a few days….nothing like this. My whole spine feels like they pulled it out, ran over it with a truck a few times to iron out the kinks, and then put it back in…backwards.

I think the fact that I’m having a fairly extreme hip flare is contributing. And I know things will improve…I just wasn’t expecting to feel this bad, this much pain.

Now would be one of those times when its really hard to be alone.

While I planned ahead and crock potted a healthy meal for the kids and I, and there is no household task that desperately needs doing, there is no way to plan ahead for the need of another person to love you, and take care of you, and tell you it will all be OK.

On the other hand, I also couldn’t have planned for my beautiful, kind friend, who dropped in on her way home from work with a great big chocolate bar – just for me. Beautiful surprise!

I’m not alone at all. I have a bunch of great friends, some near, some far. And I’m very grateful for that.

Oh, and the chocolate bar is hidden now. Kids aren’t getting their hands on it. Not until they’ve eaten all their dinner and cleaned their plates…



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