The sweetest victory


Sometimes one of the hardest things to deal with is your own memory of who you once were. Hitting a situation, a roadblock, a challenge and knowing that you would have hurdled it with ease and grace before you were sick. Now it takes everything you have, and even so, you stumble and you can’t quite clear it without bringing down a fence or two.

But still, you persevere. And you will get there. Slower, more painfully, but the victory will be all the sweeter.

You are enough <3


  1. I was thinking something similar today as I struggled through a 20 minute beginner cycle class and just told myself, “If I finish, even is I can’t go as fast or as hard, I’ll count it as a win.” I think the hardest parts of living with chronic pain is not comparing yourself with who you used to be, and not succumbing to the outsiders who don’t see anything outwardly wrong with you, so assume you are fine or faking. Some days the physical pain is easier to tolerate than the psychological games one’s ego plays with your mind.


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