The Chicklet – is it arthritis?


The Chicklet has had joint pain for many years.  So has Gamerboy for that matter.  His are clearly a result of joint hypermobility.  I believe he has EDS…I believe we all do.  The Chicklet,  however, also has aches and pains that are more suspicious for inflammatory arthritis.  She has been worked up in the past, all negative.

That’s not unexpected, however, because I’m completely seronegative.  Clean bloodwork does not rule out inflammatory arthritis, much as some doctors like to think it does.

Her final diagnosis was always ‘growing pains’ but it’s clearly not growing pains.  It’s joint pain, in her knees, her ankles and her wrists.

Yesterday her right wrist was so sore she couldn’t move it.  When she tried, the cracking and grinding was easily audible to me, standing a few feet away (and I’m hearing impaired).

She doesn’t remember any injury.

She had been working on a craft project, it involved some hammering. I believe the repeated impact of the hammer against a hard surface has stirred up her wrist joint.  Caused a flare.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I guess anyone might be sore after that, but this is more sore than you would expect. She has messaged me from school all day telling me how much it hurts, that she can’t write, can’t hold a pen.

So I’ve made an appointment for her with a local doctor. It’s time for xrays and I’m going to ask for all the usual bloodwork to be done again too. It has been well over a year since her last lot.

And we’ll see.

I’m not saying its arthritis…I’m just suspicious.  Very suspicious.


  1. Fingers crossed that she does not. Since you have learned the hard way, at least you would be there to guide her and try to educate the doctors. Thinking good thoughts for all 3 of you!


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