Suspected vocal chord paralysis

Another thing the GP said yesterday. She thinks I have vocal fold paralysis…on the left side.
There’s no sign of infection or injury. It wasn’t there immediately after surgery, so not from intubation. It came on later, in the last two days of my hospital stay. I probably should have stayed a little longer, as more symptoms started to show, they may have reassessed the stroke i didn’t have.
My voice is raspy, hoarse and breathy. I can’t be well understood over the phone. I’ve always hated the phone anyway. But sometimes i have nothing but a whisper, and can’t be understood at all. Sign language?
A bit more disturbingly, I choke often. I’m used to be mindful when I eat, thanks to EoE, but its easy for forget and wind up with food in my windpipe.
Right now its only been two weeks. I have to give it another two weeks, because sometimes recovery is spontaneous. If its no better in two weeks, she’ll refer me to an otolaryngologist. He can check my hearing while I’m there, because I’ve also lost almost all hearing in my left ear. Hearing aid is useless. But that’s another, completely unrelated symptom, right?
What causes vocal fold paralysis? Trauma, infection or neurological conditions, such as MS, Parkinsons or stroke.
Odds of getting a voice back? Being able to speak above a whisper? Of being able to communicate normally? I don’t know.


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