Rheumatoid Arthritis and the high blood pressure catch 22


This morning I woke up with an eye bleed. They are harmless, but they are a sign of high BP or spiking BP. I used to get them often.

I took my BP to find it was 168/84. While I was on previous biologicals, that was ‘normal’. I still can’t believe none of my doctors decided to treat that. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t fully understand the implications. cos I don’t actually have a medical degree. I’m just an enthusiast. By necessity.

Anyway, having been on Xeljanz for a week now, that BP’s a concern. But its more likely that the BP spike is caused by severe pain. I have barely moved in two days…I can barely walk to the bathroom. I have crying jags when there isn’t a kid around. It’s bad. It takes a lot of pain to stop me, it really does. I don’t know why I keep feeling like I need to say that…it might be because doctors keep implying that I have a low pain tolerance.

But back to the BP. I took a naprosyn, and it helped with pain relief. I had to stop taking naprosyn because it elevated my blood pressure. But if I don’t have pain relief, my blood pressure is elevated by pain!

Oh look! Another no win situation. I really should start documenting all the catch 22s and circular arguments you encounter when you’re treating multiple autoimmune diseases.

If I’m going to have high BP I’ll take it with pain relief thanks. And I’ll risk a hypothetical heart attack or stroke rather than very real, very severe, constant pain.


  1. I think as soon as you have systemic disease or more than one disease kicking around, things get really difficult. Seems you have to decide to fix one thing, knowing it will break another thing. Never easy :(. Hang in there Rick.


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