RA and waiting for my rheumatologist to do what she says she will


So…physically? My RA has changed. Swelling is now a constant thing. 15mg of pred doesn’t control it anymore. Hands, feet, knees obvious swelling. Hips, shoulders, elbows i can feel the swelling but cant see it. I saw mt rheumy nine weeks ago. She was going to arrange actemra infusions and get back to me in 4four weeks. Shes five weeks overdue. She was going to talk to my immunologist (she hasnt, i asked her), and she was going to arrange a referral to the local ‘weird case’ autoimmune specialist – prof Matthew Cook. She hasnt done that either. I was going to wait and see how long it would take…but i cant wait. Constant pain is unbearable. I am no longer mentally strong, and let me tell you, i know what a difference that makes. How can she just brush me aside and forget me? I dont know. I couldnt have. Tomorrow I get on the phone and start nagging and fighting for treatment. She sux. She really doesn’t give a toss. #ra #rheum #mctd #baddoctors #helpme


  1. My rheumy had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t *nearly* as bad off as her other patients. 3 weeks later I was inpatient getting a drain tube installed in my lung. I have RA Lung.


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