PTSD and fear and paranoia


Just got a notification that someone (not me) tried to log into my Facebook account.


A few weeks ago I ended a close friendship. Obviously I didn’t expect it to end…hindsight being 20/20 I think I understand the chain of events.

Every time I posted anything that could possibly be related to that friendship, I received a text message calling me out. Dr Mike said it was an attempt to control and intimidate me.

I think it was ignorance.

But it created fear.

It did control and intimidate me. I was afraid.

The no. 1. Symptom of PTSD is fear. Overwhelming fear. So whether this man knew it or not, intended it or not, his txt messages caused immense fear and paranoia and panic.

I’ve never had a notice saying someone is trying to get into your Facebook account before…its most likely a mistake.

And yet, I’ve been posting more today than I have in ages (time is elastic) and posting things that could peeve certain people and today I get that message.

And my mind adds one plus one and gets three, and a strong desire to double check all the doors and windows and to stop posting and shut back up.

But I’m pretty sure he is no longer lurking and has gotten over it, and logic is trying hard to reassert itself…but still I’m afraid. Of nothing and everything


  1. I am sorry you were / are afraid. However do know that I have recently been in a similar situation and unless it is a woman named June who has held a nasty (but maybe justified) grudge for 42 years I think it was a fluke or a scammer.

    By the way June is seriously mean and if you meet her, don’t tell her my email address. Darn she was (maybe is) angry.


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