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As anyone who follows my socials even a little knows, I live well under the poverty line. This is because I live with disbling diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA), mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD), peripheral neuropathy (PN) and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP).

In truth, the RA is a included in the MCTD diagnosis, and PN is a symptom of CIDP, just to be clear. What it means is pain and fatigue. THe pain is severe for at least part of every day. And the fatigue is a brick wall. When I am out, I am out. And rest is essential, but recharging that battery is not guaranteed, and may take days. Or a prednisone burst.

But back to the point: I need to make money.

I can’t ‘get a job’. No one will employ me, because I can only work 10-15 hours a week. That’s simply not good enough.

I run an ecommerce business, and that keeps us alive. But that’s it. There’s no fluff, no extras. Certainly no luxuries. Its basics, spartan existance, its under the poverty line.

I’ve looked into a bunch of ways to make money online. I am fascinated by artificial intelligence (AI) and am looking at ways to use AI to make money. So I have a whole range of things to try.

First up? Amazon KDP. Adult coloring books, specifically. Mostly because I like coloring books, and I think I can make these pretty easily.

So that’s my first project. Here’s a couple of dog coloring pages I made, to see how hard it would be. These are just my first tries, created with Midjourney, and editted by hand. You can download them and print them if you like.

Tell me what you think…do you colour? Do you buy coloring books off Amazon? What kind of colouring books do you buy?

Would love some feedback.

Border Collie

French Bulldog


  1. Those are great looking pictures to color, but no I do not color. I wish you well however. have you looked at what is selling on ? I go there for graphic design, editing, or content I need. I bet you would be good..


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