Post Endometrial Ablation and what the biopsy showed


My OBGYN just called.   She spoke to me after the endometrial ablation, while I was still coming out of the anesthetic. I was awake and alert, and she talked me through what she’d found.

The ablation went well, but she found several lesions that she thought were ‘suspicious’.  So she took a biopsy.  The tumours were small, and weren’t visible on the ultrasound.  She said having the ablation might have been the best thing I ever did.  Because, if I hadn’t, and if they were cancerous, I probably wouldn’t have known about it until it was a much bigger problem.

As it was, she said if the biopsy came back bad, then she would perform a complete hysterectomy immediately.  Take everything.  And she could do it vaginally, which would be a much smaller operation than an open procedure.  She ran me through it all and assured me that even if the biopsy showed cancerous cells, a complete hysterectomy would be curative.  Because it was early stage.  And the added bonus would be that I would never have to worry about any ‘girly cancers’ again.

So while that was a bit of a shock, I knew that even if it was ‘bad’ it wasn’t terrible.  It would just mean a hysterectomy was necessary.  And I wondered what it would mean for my RA treatment.

She told me we’d discuss it at my six week follow up, and I thought she said the biopsy results would take that long.  Which was odd.  But also reassuring, because if she was really worried, she’d want to deal with it sooner.  So I just decided to put all of that to the back of my mind and not worry about it.


I have enough other stuff to worry about and enough people (who know all about this) throwing their crap at me right now, so forgetting about it was actually easier than you might expect.

But I must have misunderstood her. Anesthetic will do that.  Because she just called.  And the news is great!  The biopsy is all clear.  No cancer.  No hysterectomy required.  And even though I am not the type to worry about something until there is definitely something to worry about, it is a big relief.  I feel very lucky.

And it puts things into perspective, once again.



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