The ‘opioid crisis’ comes home


So the ‘opioid crisis’ is about to bite me in a ass. My usual GP is on holidays until February. There are at least 8 GPs that work at the practice (my GP is the principal). None of the other doctors will prescribe oxycodone, despite my six year history being available to them. They just refuse to prescribe oxycodone, full stop. There is one other GP who will, but he is also unavailable. Which leaves me with Dr Efficient, who prescribed my prednisone burst and is very familiar with my case, so she *may* prescribe me a few weeks worth until my regular GP returns. She isn’t a fan of oxycodone however (none of us are), but given that she saw the kind of shape I was in last week, she might just relent. But that appointment is on Monday, by which time I will have been out for two days. Add that to the pred taper and its going to be a very interesting weekend.

Still, I guess it might be good for me to go without pain meds for while. And I still have some slow release, but I don’t find those work terribly well, certainly not on their own. They also tend to affect me a lot more cognitively. I have no idea why, but i feel much more doped on Targin slow release than oxynorm immediate release, despite oxycodone being the active ingredient in each. But it will be good to see what the pain is like with minimal pain medation. I’ll look at it as a good thing. An experiment. I don’t really want to be on oxycodone anyway. And tapering prednisone sux, but I’m taking 25mg, which is still a whacking dose. Time to do a detox and see what happens. Ration out my last 6 pills and see how it goes.


  1. That is a terrible attitude they have and somewhat insulting to your usual GP.I hope things go ok and you don’t suffer too much because of their paranoia. Hang in there and take it easy.All the very best.

    • Thanks Rochelle. I find it insane especially considering my usual GP owns the practice. HE’s the boss. So if he’s prepared to prescribe opioids for me, the other doctors shouldn’t have a problem with it. This narcotic fear mongering has gotten way out of hand. I’ve already ‘broken’ and taken an oxy, because the pain is out of hand. I have four left. And four days until I see the other GP who MIGHT help. And I usually take 4 each day. Crazy.

  2. That’s really pathetic. If your GP is the principle, what he says should be the standard for you. But I know how it is. Two months ago when my right lung cracked two ribs, my GP was out of town, and the doctor-on-call (my GP owns the practice too, just like yours) refused to let me come get an x-ray and told me to take Tylenol for the pain. Un-freakin-believeable. IMHO, I wouldn’t do a pred taper and no pain meds at the same time. Also, I KNOW (believe me I know) what a demon the prednisone is, but should you be trying to get off the prednisone when you’re in so much pain and flaring so bad? It swells my face, makes me act like a woman possessed by demons, but it makes me feel better. I just want you to take good care of you. 🙂 Get an OTC NSAID like Aleeve to hold you over. They work pretty good for me, they might work pretty good for you. Just a suggestion. If any of these doctors ever hurt the way you do, they’d be begging for the pain meds. Take care love!!

    • I agree totally Melisssa – if they had to feel this way they’d be prescribing themselves oxycodone left right and centre. I’m not supposed to take naprosyn either – cardiovascualar risk – but I’m going to take it. Last night was hell, pure and simple. I’m still on 25mg of prednisone, its just not enough. At least my rheumy will have to accept that xeljanz isn’t doing near enough and we have to try something else. Seeing her next tuesday. So disgusted with your doctors too…take a tylenol for cracked ribs???? OMG they have totally lost their minds. They have no perspective on what pain medications are appropriate for anymore. But its not THEIR pain, so no worries, right?? Best to you Xx

  3. In the US the restrictions on opioid are truly overboard. I imagine it is the same in your country. I can not imagine why those with long histories of using opioids responsibly are suddenly denied the medication. It is a ridiculous outcome.


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