My new house and the beautiful, kind person that I’m buying from


Wow.  What a beautiful person.

Today was another long day of packing, resting, packing (5 boxes, far short, but I can only do what I can do.)  Phone calls (an hour on hold with the internet providers and another TWO with the pay tv people!  I did a little study, and some prep. No assignment.

Couldn’t get an appointment today, two bouts of severe chest pain that I THINK is esophageal spasms, but I need to be checked out.  I have an appt tomorrow with my second GP.  She’s efficient, no nonsense (no bedside manner) but exactly what I need. It’s severe pain, feels like someone has reached into my chest and is squeezing my heart…HARD!  It radiates to the jaw, and I break out in a sweat.  But then it goes…15 minutes later. It a long 15 minutes. I have microvascular angina, so it needs a look. I do believe its more likely to be esophageal spasms though. VERY painful, but then the pain turns off, like a switch.  And its gone. But it comes back.

Head pressure is still there, but getting better. Dizziness is unpleasant rather than knock down.

The kids…there are things happening, on the horizon.  I just can’t right now.

But back to the beautiful person, because he trumps everything that has happened in the last year, for simple pureness of heart.  The gentleman I’m buying my house from invited me to come over and he show me through everything.  The Hot Tub, the heating/cooling system, the alarm (which isn’t connected – I didn’t even know it was there), some of the custom wiring he’s done, the garden watering system…just the ‘stuff’…the bits and pieces that when you move you’re always playing catch up with.  It was just a pure act of kindness…the Chicklet came with me, and that was the word she used…He is such a ‘pure’ person. There’s no reason for him to have done this, other than to help me have the smoothest transition possible.  And he ended with the offer of calling him any time, if I’m having a problem, he’s not moving that far away and he’s happy to help.  I know that the house was put on the market due to a marriage breakdown…he may well be going through the worst pain in his life.  And yet, he’s still thinking of others, helping others.  A rare person indeed.  We’ve texted back and forth a bit.  Maybe we’ll be friends. I would like that.



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