New endocrinologist to manage Adrenal Insufficiency, Hashimotos, PCOS and HRT post surgical menopause

I’m seeing my new endocrinologist today. First appointment. A new doctor fills me with dread these days…and hope. I’m trying to focus on the hope, but in truth, you can’t let the ‘hope’ soar too high, because the potential fall is massive.
The reason my mood is so low is because my hormones are all messed up. I wish I’d kept my right ovary. The one without the suspicious cyst. Since the hysterectomy, I’ve had periods of feeling fabulous, and those periods have been when I have a fresh testosterone pellet. They are supposed to last 4-6 months, but they only last 2 months for me. And the for the rest of the 5 months, I feel like crap. Like the worst PMS. I used to have PMDD, so I recognise the hormonal crap. When I was Miss Positive, I handled it better.
So I’m going to ask her to prescribe a different form of HRT, a testosterone cream that you rub into your skin daily. The problem is many doctors don’t believe women need testosterone, despite plenty of medical evidence that low doses of testosterone improve wellbeing and a whole lot of other stuff (strength, stamina, less fatigue, libido, weight loss). I wish you could ask a doc about their position on these things PRIOR to an appointment. I have no idea of she’s pro or anti testosterone therapy. So maybe I’ll have a fight on my hands, or maybe she’ll be open to the idea. If she’s not open to the idea, I have an appt with my ob/gyn who has supplied my previous testosterone doses. So I have a fall back position. But doctors have no idea of how lousy you feel when your hormones are out of whack. There’s no urgency.
The main reason I’m seeing my new endocrinologist is for Adrenal Insufficiency. My morning cortisol test showed my adrenals aren’t working at all. I’m on 15mg of prednisone, so the main point of the appointment is to find out whether my adrenals have been destroyed by an autoimmune process (less likely) or whether its the result of years of prednisone (more likely). Either way, she will try to get me to a lower dose of corticosteroid. I have tapered so many times now, and it always ends the same way – with me critically ill and in hospital. I’m not doing a taper if she;s just going to suggest the same old stuff I have tried before.
So I’m not sure what to expect from this appointment. I also have Hashimotos, and I had PCOS when I still had ovraries. Honestly my biggest complaint is massive weight gain since the hysterectomy, I believe its hormonal. And all of these hormone systems are related…adrenals make testosterone as well as cortisol. I no longer make any estrogen so I need that too, but it increases my angiodema attacks. Adrenal insufficiency also affects thyroid function. So hopefully she’s interested in sorting all of this out.
I take natural thyroid extract (dessicated pigs thyroid) instead of thyroxine, because synthentic thyroxine (T4) doesn’t help me. I need T3 as well. Many endos do not believe in dessicated thyroid, so its possible she’ll try to change that first of all.
That would be a bad start.
So I’m nervous, defensive and trying to keep an open mind.
New docs are always hard. Always stressful. But my adrenals really need to be sorted out, I’ve had two adrenal crises in the time I’ve been waiting for this appointment (3 months).
I’m gathering all my notes and hormonal lab tests, and believing the best. She will listen, she will be empathic, and she will be keen to sort out this mess 🙂


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