My new backpack – living with RA and chronic pain


On a more positive note, Ive been saving ny pennies for a backpack. I cant use a handbag anymore…I need to lug a lot of stuff (mostly meds) wherever I go. Epipen, antihistamines, ventolin. Pain meds, next dose of usual meds, depending what time it is. Phone, wallet…already too heavy for my shoulder which needs surgery thar I cant have. Even a ‘cross the body’ bag puts way too much weight on my neck. And I use crutches (either elbow or under arm almost always now) which means my hands are often occupied.

So…a solid backpack, to carry the load evenly, thru my thoracic spine which has the least amount of degeneration. Bonus points for an internal compartment that fits my ipad. Id still like to get out of the house and write in wifi enabled cafes, and just get OUT sometimes, but my pain levels don’t allow that right now, and for the last month. But I plan for a better future. I’m still hoping when the kids go back to school I may improve.

Anyway, point is, I have an awesome new backpack, that will carry all my important stuff, plus some extras. Cos something as simple as my choice of handbag is not really my choice at all. Few things are my choice. I just have to make the best of the options I’ve got, and be grateful. Because it can always be worse. And for many people, it is. So I choose to be happy about my new backpack. And I will take it everywhere


  1. If it gets to be too much, think about a waist strap. These take the weight off your shoulders and places it on your legs. Backpackers use them, which allows them to carry extreme loads in their packs. These can make a 27 kilogram backpack feel like it is not even there.


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