My endocrinologist comes through


My endocrinologist just rang. Two weeks ago when I saw her she did say she would look into the testosterone therapy I was asking for, but to be honest, I didn’t expect that she would.

She just called to say she’d done the research, and talked to her colleague who had more experience with testosterone replacement, looked at my labs and she will prescribe it for me. Wow.

That’s the good news. I told her I’m getting a testosterone pellet tomorrow from my gyne, and she was pleased with that, in future she is happy to manage me.

The less good news is that she’s reviewed all my files and discovered a few of the wierd things about me. My incredibly dense bones have her intrigued, and she wants me to come back for review. She believes I have a form of osteopetrosis, and she’s discussing THAT with her colleagues as well. She believes that it may account for some of my bone marrow anomalies, and other labs and she wants to do a more complete work up. Remember that bone marrow biopsy I never had? Maybe I should have.

But her interest is good for me, because when you’re a fascinating patient, the docs want to investigate and figure it out. And for me having one doctor manage my adrenal insufficiency, hashimotos, insulin resistance and hrt is a bonus. And now osteopetrosis, which has been floating around for a long time. It has finally made it to the top of the list.

But back to the good news. Testosterone implant tomorrow. It will take another week or two before I start to feel better, but I am getting closer. The fight was worth it. She’s a good doctor 🙂



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