Methotrexate is my best friend right now


This morning is better. RA megaflare largely tamed. I do love mtx, and the side effects are not as bad as the disease itself. Tolerating 15mg (equivalent injection) just fine. So far, anyway. I expect it to be fine. My previously horrific side effects have been mitigated by my oophorectomy. Methotrexate and my PMDD did not mix well. Now that I no longer have severe hormonal moods, methotrexate is my best friend. I guess that’s one thing I can be thankful for, but I sure wouldn’t do that surgery again, if I had the choice.

Big decision for me. Do I go back to my 2nd rheumy, the one who has been (under) treating me for the last 8 years, and show her that methotrexate is working, and ask her (beg probably because she said she wouldn’t prescribe any more bios because she doesnt’ believe they will work) for another biological (down the track, I want to stabilise on mtx first).


Do I continue seeing my latest rheumy, who doesnt’ believe I have active RA, who believes my symptoms are largely fibro and in my imagination. Who is arrogant, but agreed to treat me “to prove to me that he’s right and that I have fibromyalgia and my disease is in remission”. He believes this because of clean bloodwork. But of course, my last set of bloods had a positive RF. I’m sure he’ll dismiss that as its low titre positive. He’ll dismiss me regardless, BUT he will treat me.

I’m leaning towards arrogant-git rheumy. But I’m not 100% sure.

My savage jaw-sore is improved this morning, as long as I don’t open my mouth very wide, and don’t chew. Thank the gods for coffee 🙂.

Lumbar spine is pretty awful, and sciatic nerve is permanently ‘on’ today. Nasty nerve pain, down my leg and contstant drill in my left buttock! Comfy 🙂.

I’m waiting at the car dealership while they inspect my car. The car for the kidlets. This afternoon I am taking them to do their learners permits tests. Hope they pass! Brave new phase in all our lives, kids driving!!!



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