Look good, feel better? Or “you don’t look sick”

Neen with short hair

Still improving, albeit very slowly. Looking pretty healthy though .

My plan for next week is to get my hair cut. I still have bald patches, and it needs a tidy up. I dont mind the short hair anymore – it sure is convenient. It only bothers me because it wasnt my choice. Another choice made for me by illness. Still, I cant make my hair grow back, but I can make the best of it. Get a stylish short cut. Which got me thinking…some patients with some diseases are encouraged to look their best, look good, feel better. And its true, if you feel good about yourself, the way you look, you’re going to be happier and likely healthier. But then with other diseases, if we look too good, we get told “you don’t look sick” and get dismissed at best and accused of faking at worst.

Its not about comparing diseases, its about comparing attitudes.

It’s double standard that needs to be addressed. Either way, im going to expend some energy on looking better, and feeling more like myself, because thats goid for my health and happiness #chroniclife #ra #mctd #hurtingbuthappy



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