Kind people still exist


And now for the good news story.  A close friend highly recommended that I get a second hand recliner for post-op, based on her experience with the exact same surgery – Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salapingo-Oophorectomy. They even offered to pick it up for my with their trailer. 

I found this one. New price $1200. Asking $400. I offered $200 and explained my situation. 

This complete stranger not only accepted my offer but delivered it to me. Its in great condition, Fully electric, reclines right back and tilts forward to stand you up. Its amazing. 

There are still kind people in this world and I am so grateful. When I can, I will pay it forward. 

I know I’ll be able to sleep now and be comfortable, and stand myself up again post op. I feel a lot more confident about getting through this recovery. 

#kindnessofstrangers #realfriends #ra #chroniclife #hystersisters #polycysters



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