The importance of having fun


When you use every ounce you have left to spend some time with a friend and have some actual fun.

Now there will be no cooking for the kids. They will make two minute noodles for themselves. There are no clean dishes. The beds aren’t made. There is no clean washing. I will hide the tears, until the kids go to bed, or retire to their rooms to do their own thing.

But I did the right thing. Because life has to be first and foremost about *enjoying* it. I could have stayed home and done dishes and cleaned benches and done two loads of washing. And I would have collapsed in pain anyway, and life would have seemed to be about nothing but work and pain and misery.

But instead I had iced chocolate and laughed with a friend and had fun. I still collapsed. And now I’m holding back tears and I can’t move and I’m in horrible pain…but I’m not in misery. I enjoyed a couple of hours this afternoon, and I can wring out those moments. Those happy moments are what carry me. And I’m not kidding, I’m in agony. And I wish my fairy god mother would bring me some food that Im not actually allergic to.

But I can do without. I can do without a lot.

But I can’t do without friends.


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