Hysterectomy pre-op and how a knock down day in the middle messes up everything


Yesterday I was too sick to move.  It was, to say the least, a bummer. But that’s the way it goes with chronic illness. You never know when you’re going to have a knock down day.

And these days it isn’t arthritis and pain so much that knocks me down, it’s the systemic symptoms.  Whether its lupus, or RA, or an eosinophilic disease, or the ulcer or the gastritis, sometimes I am just…sick.  Nauseous, dizzy, exhausted.  Not able to stand up, walk around without being overwhelmed with nausea.  It has been like that for most of the year.

Pain I can treat, that I can’t.

So today has been extra fun, twice the to-do list. But tomorrow marks the beginning of many days of bedrest, so what the hell.

So I went hell for leather and used the anxiety that I always have the day before any surgery and put it to good use. It’s all energy, whether it’s used for good or bad is up to me.

I ordered more hearing aid batteries because of course I’m running out now.  I should make it through my hospital stay, but hearing aid batteries are just one more thing I need to remember to pack.

I had to see my GP because I’m going to run out of 5mg of prednisone tablets. I gathered up all my medications, because they all have to be in original packaging.  Usually I pack them in to daily slots, morning, noon, evening, and bedtime.  Can’t do that at the hospital, they need to check every dose from the packaging.  That’s no big when you’re on one or two medications, but I’m on about ten currently and that’s only because I’ve dropped three of my Rheumatoid Arthritis medications.  Thanks for small mercies.  And one of them needs to be refrigerated, pretty sure they will forget to accommodate that (again).

I called for my admit time – 6:30am! YES!!!  First cab off the rank, the shorted possible wait. I’m very happy about that.

Booked my cab for six am, so I’ll be there plenty on time.

I shopped for loose fitting PJs and bed socks.  I wanted to do that yesterday, but that didn’t work out. So I made a B-line for Target on my crutches and bought the first soft, loose nightgown I saw, four pairs of super soft bed socks and the most enormous granny underwear I’ve ever seen.

I still need to clear out the freezer and stock it.  I’ve slow cooked some pulled pork. There’s some leftover pizza and Chinese food that will freeze.  Also the Moroccan lamb and pumpkin soup I made on the weekend.  All needs to be containered and frozen.  It’s not hard work, but I’m exhausted.  I need to rest in the recliner for an hour at least, before I tackle anything else.

I also need to pack my bag.  I practically need a separate bag for my medications.  I’ve had four surgeries, four overnight admissions in the last four years, and every single time, they’ve screwed up my medications. For one day, no big.  For four days?  I hope they get it right. My memory won’t be the most reliable, and there’s no one there to tell them I need my BP meds, or my ulcer meds, or my metformin.

So I need to pack the comfy socks and ugggs and night dress.  I don’t have a robe, but I can throw in a light jacket. And I have these gorgeous high waisted track pants.  They’ll go above the incision and should be wearable and warm.

Then I need my electronic toys. My phone, of course. My ipad.  My laptop.  Do I need all of these, no, not really.  Laptop and phone.  Download some more games onto my phone – they are all on my iPad.  Maybe I’ll take my colouring book. I started that a few months ago, but it didn’t really take.  Maybe in hospital with nothing else to do it will be a good thing. A crossword magazine. In case I run out of charge and I can’t reach the charger.  And the nurses are so busy I don’t want to bother them about something non-essential.  I’ll probably be sleepy and highly medicated for most of my hospital time anyway.  I hope I get a private room.

I have to take my smartwatch. It’s my favourite thing.  And I can read the news on the teeny weeny screen.  Or I can when I’m not dosed to the gills on pain meds!  But that means another charger, and the battery life is woeful.  Sigh. Maybe not.

But those things still need to be done.

Then there’s the things that I didn’t get done. That won’t get done.

I didn’t get the bathrooms cleaned.  I didn’t mop the floors.  I really wanted to come home to a clean house. I’m going to ask my ex to send the kids up here to do that before I come home from hospital. Very small thing to ask. I bet they won’t do it.  I can hope though!!!

Nevermind.  The house will be dirty and it will remain dirty until I can get a cleaner in. That won’t be long, I’ll call them when I’m home from hospital.

Now I need to rest.  At least an hour, in the recliner.  Then I’ll stock the freezer. Then later I’ll pack my bag.  Then I’ll go to bed, and probably not sleep well, I never do before surgery.  I’ll be up at 5am. No coffee, just a sip of water for my meds.  I hate the fasting, but it won’t be long this time.  Last time I was fasting from 9am and I was delayed and didn’t get any food until 9:30pm that night. THAT was a long day.  Tomorrow I’ll be at the hospital at 6:30am, and in surgery around 9am.  And I’ll be all done by midday, eating those yummy little sandwiches.



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