How to be happy despite living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

door knob by rheumatoid arthritis

A friend and I were talking about ‘happiness’ and why some people are happier than others. We barely got into the conversation, but I was reminded of it tonight, as I looked at my handiwork from today.

I Changed a door handle to an easier, more arthritis friendly style (often too hard to grab knobs). It took me hours. My hands weren’t Co-operating. It hurt. It didn’t fit properly and I had to use bits of the old handle and the new handle to cobble it together. My hands swelled up like balloons and I had to take several breaks. I was slow and clumsy and didn’t have the strength or dexterity to do the job, so it took three times the time it would take a normal person. It was frustrating and painful.

So I can focus on all that…

Or I can focus on the fact that I got one handle done today!! And I LOVE the way the new handle looks!! And it will be much easier to use! And now that I know how, I’ll do more tomorrow. Probably more quickly. And I’m really happy with the way it turned out smile emoticon

Guess which focus makes me more happy?

And that’s pretty much the key. There’s always several ways to look at a situation. Granted, the more pain your are in, the harder it is to take the rose coloured view. And that IS an important point. Sometimes the pain is too great to see anything else.

But looking on the bright side, to run with the cliche, IS a matter of choice. And habit. And if it’s not second nature, it can be learned, and practised. Until it becomes automatic


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