How I get things done…even it looks a little strange…


I made pumpkin soup in my thermoknockoff today. Pumpkin is a bitch to chop. But this is how I do it.

1. Only butternut pumpkin. It’s much softer and easier to cut.

2. I have a really good chefs knife. Heavy duty and I keep it sharp.

3. I dig it in where I want to cut and tap it with the rolling pin. Voila! Pumpkin pieces, nice and easy.


It may look weird but I have to adapt or give up. Find new ways of doing things, or give up. And it’s like that with everything I do.

I mow the grass two rows at a time. Neighbours must think I’m mad.

I do a few dishes at a time.

I have a Roomba to vacuum the floors.

I painted my house one coat of one wall at a a time. Slow. Frustratingly so.

But over time I get things done. It doesn’t mean I’m not in pain or I’m not feeling like crap. I just have to keep trying to move forward, for my own mental health. Even if it means doctors decide that I’m not sick cos there’s no way I could manage if things were as bad as I say they are. That would be their lack of vision. Not my problem. I will always try to adapt, try to find a way, and if I say I can’t, you better believe I can’t cos im in really bad shape. Not thru lack of trying.


  1. Adapt. Yep, we find new ways to do old things, or like, don’t do them :). Just stopping by its been a bit. Have been at home again…Lung Flare Fall 2016 – Week 8. Got a little hairy when both swelled, right lung has now cracked two ribs, yay! That’s a new one. RA never stops surprising me. Starting to seriously look at disibility options, I don’t honestly think I can fight this much longer. Love this blog! Another RA voice. Keep on keepin on sista!


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