High impact chronic pain – trying CBD oil to treat pain – November 2022

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Ok, it is far too soon to say this, but I have to admit, I am excited.  Two days ago I started CDB oil, prescribed by my pain management doctor, who is at wit’s end with me.  My pain has been undertreated for over two years, due to ridiculous arbitrary dose limits that prevent him from prescribing more than 90MME of opioid pain medication per day.   I have returned to him repeatedly begging for a  higher dose. The dose that I used to take, before June 2020 when the TGA changed the rules around prescribing opioid pain medications.

Anyway, almost as a throwaway, he asked if I’d tried CBD oil.  I told him know, and being confused between CBD oil and medical marijuana, I asked if it was OK to drive while taking CBD oil. He confirmed that driving is allowed, as CBD oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.

To be honest, I was hesitant, but I agreed to try.  When I was young I smoked pot three times.  I was a musician, FFS, so there was no way to NOT be in the company of people who were smoking. I hated it every time, I don’t know why I tried number two and number three, but each time it made me feel sick to the stomach, dizzy and out of control.  It was NOT fun. 

I had no idea that there was prescription CBD oil. The reason I haven’t tried it is because I don’t trust all the different formulations available online.  I take about 20 medications daily, and I need to know exactly what I am ingesting and how it might react with my body and all the other medications I take.

The fact that this is a prescription product means I am prepared to try.

I took it for the first time the night before last.  And I woke at 6:15am, having slept deeply.  THAT is UNHEARD OF!  For the last few years I have woken between 3am and 5am every day, wht severe nerve pain running down the back of both legs.

This kind of pain is unbearable. There is no position that relieves it, there is NOTHIG that touches, except opioids.  Now I *may* have found something else that helps.  The nerve pain was mild, and I slept through the night.


It could have been a coincidence.  A one off.  A glitch.

Last night I did not sleep so well, I woke many times, but with arthritis pain.  Deep, aching pain in most of my joints.

Not neuropathic pain. 

I was not woken by the revolting, electric, buzzing pain down the back of both legs.  It just wasn’t there this morning. I can’t remember the last time this pain was NOT there!  Its truly unbelievable. It feels miraculous. 

The neuropathy in my hands and feet is still there, but it too, seems more mild. 

But this is a miracle.

Now, for the necessary caveats:  I am still on 12.5mg of prednisone which could account for some reduction in pain. But I have been on higher doses of prednisone without experiencing this degree of pain relief.

This is only two nights.  There may be some other reason, or no reason at all. Maybe the gods just smiled on me for a little while.  I don’t know.

Also, I tend to be overly optimistic.  When the pain is reduced, I tend to shout it from the rooftops and people get the impression I am pain free. I am not. Arthritis is still hurting, there is still a knife in my spine at several levels, and peripheral neuropathy is alive and well.

But this is such an incredibly change for me that I needed to blog about it. Tell other people. Let people know that this has helped me incredibly, so far.   This might offer someone a treatment path that they haven’t been offered, or have been, like me, hesitant to try.

If you suffer from severe, daily (and nightly), unbearable sciatic pain, please try this.

Oh one thing, of course this medication is incredibly expensive. I paid $210 for a 50ml bottle. I am tapering up to a dose of 1ml, morning and night. That’s 2mls daily, or just 25 days of treatment.  $210 for 25 days.  That’s $8.40 PER DAY.  $58.80 PER WEEK.

That’s very expensive for someone living on disability and supporting two adult children. 

But its worth it.  I always find a way. 

AS I said though, its very early days.  I will keep you posted as to how the next days and weeks unfold.

But this is hopeful.  Genuinely hopeful. Its not going to replace my opioid pain medications, but at this point it’s a very helpful adjunct treatment. 


  1. I am interested to hear how it works out. In the US there are no CBD prescriptions so you just sort of get what you get usually out of hte back of some idiots car. No kidding they sell it in gas stations and hair places. Who knows what you are really getting. So, I just say no form trying it. But I do know a person who loves it. Of course he asks the clerk, for the ‘good stuff’ in the back.

    He gets the good stuff, which is the same stuff but $10.00 more expensive.

    • Wow…that’s a bit scary. And that’s exactly why I haven’t tried CBD oil previously…I didn’t trust what was in the bottle! I am much more comfortable with something that is well regulated and made in a lab. Even though the price is exorbitant!

      I have to say, I’m having a LOT of nausea, but is there any med that doesn’t cause nausea in the beginning? lol. I’m sure it will pass over time, as I get accustomed. I will let you know how things progress. So far, still no nerve pain down my legs. I can’t quite believe it…I have been living with that pain for so long, for it to be gone is…gobsmacking. I don’t want to get comfortable in case it comes back tonight though 🙂

  2. I am at the point of needing CBD. My doctor is open to it, and we have many CBD stores in the Sacramento area with free samples. I am wondering how it would work with my other meds. We have many billboards advertising CBD and some deliver right to your house. I don’t want to smoke it, but the tincture sounds doable. I am a little afraid of the edibles at this point.


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