Hearing loss and hearing return…however fleeting, means the diagnosis is wrong

I had the most amazing thing happen today at gym. It’s a light workout day – walk on a treadie for 20 minutes. Tinnitus has been especially loud today…and pulsing. Delightful. Still, you get that. Mostly I’m so used to the tinnitus I just block it out. I lived with a drummer for 20 years. What can I say. I did pick up *some* skills from that relationship.
Anyway, I’m walking at 6km an hour trying to loosen up my hips and knees and ankles and Justin Timberlake is doing his dance, dance, dance thing on the very medium screen TVs, when my ear goes POP!

And suddenly I’m hearing the world in full stereo sound…and its LOUD! OMG…the noise!!!
I was so shocked I nearly fell off the treadmill. You’re welcome for that image. Thankfully I always have a death grip with my right hand on the hand grips, because the dizzy. Which was also notably absent today.
But OMG…the world was loud. And clear. And I could make out pieces of all the conversations going on around me….actual words….rather than the usual background buzz. Which is completely different to the higher pitched ringing and pulsing of the tinnitus.
It really was amazing. How in the world can that happen? My hearing just returned…in a moment. Sadly it faded again somewhere inside of five minutes. Leaving me feeling confused and wanting to cry. And yet also convinced that they haven’t nailed the cause of my hearing loss. My ENT couldn’t care less…he didn’t even examine me. And now I know its clearly reversible. And his ‘diagnosis’ is wrong. And the ‘pressure inside my ear’ feeling returned as my hearing faded. Which ‘otosclerosis’ doesn’t address at all.
I will mention it to my audiologist. I just happen to have an appointment tomorrow to fit a hearing aid. I suspect she won’t have time to discuss it. But I will try to talk to her. If there is a way to restore my hearing permanently, I’d really like to pursue it!
In the meantime I did what any sane person would do. Got off the treadmill and rode the recumbent bike for a while, and distracted myself. Because tearing up on the treadmill while Justin Timberlake is playing is so not cool…:)


  1. Just wanted to let you know that you are a very awesome person. I have Still’s disease which is like RA, Lupus, Fibromyalgia rolled up in one little ball. Like you, I try to keep a positive attitude but am truly honest about whats going on with my health. I am a single mother of 3 . I truly relate to you and your words are a pleasure to read. You truly inspire me and crack me up so please don’t stop!!!

    • Awww Kay, thanks. I really appreciate that. I have another friend who has Stills…not an easy diagnosis to live with. Stay strong and keep telling it like it is. One day they’ll get it. (oh who am I kidding…LOL) Thanks for being here. best to you xx


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