Good news, bad news…chronic life


Good news:  I went to gym this morning to tackle my sad moods.  Go me.

Bad news:  I used all my energy and now I’m in so much pain I can’t walk.

Good news.  I’m down to 6mg of prednisone.

Bad news:  Every joint in my body is flaring, including my jaw.

Good news:  Both kids are going out to night and sleeping over.

Bad news: Both kids are going out tonight and sleeping over.

Good news:  I’ve been asked out tonight.

Bad news:  I clearly can’t go.

Good news:  There’s a man who wants to come over tonight and take care of me and make me soup.

Bad news:  That’s not all he wants to do. So he can keep his damn soup.

Bad news:  Teenager complaining that we have no food.  Well, go walk to the shops then.

Bad news:  There really is no food.

Bad news:  I have to drive my daughter to her friend’s house.

Bad news:  I have to vote.

Bad news:  Pain is getting unbearable.  Body feels like lead.

Good news:  Oxycodone.  Sleep.


  1. I think you might need a Sheryl.

    Sheryl, you ask? Who the hell is Sheryl?

    She is my wife, who does all that stuff for me. Except the kids are out of the house and off doing whatever they do. LOL

    Ok, you can not have Sheryl, but they are nice to have around. 🙂


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