I need a break, but…


Gamerboy is doing it very tough, and to be honest, the Chicklet and I need a break. We need to get away for 48 hours, we need respite. We both want more than anything to spend a night at the coast. But that isn’t possible.

I can save money. I’m very good at living frugally and watching tiny bits add up to enough to buy a night in a hotel (with a good bed). It doesn’t matter to me if it takes *years*…I will get there. Money is an issue, but its not insurmountable.

The issue is I’m not physically capable of driving us to the beach (2-3 hour drive). The Chicklet is not old enough to drive yet. In a year, this might be different. There isn’t a doable bus service and the bus ride would mean I wouldn’t have recovered from the trip down there, before having to get a return bus home anyway.

There isn’t anyone else who could drive us, and even if there were, we want to get away, just us. Just the people who understand what it is that we need to get away from. Neither one of us can take care of someone else’s needs right now, this is supposed to be about us. Or rather, each of us individually getting away, and being able to take alone time where the other person understands that need, some space in a pretty place. An escape where the only other person understands, and will leave you be if need be. And still spend time together. It just isn’t possible.

So…next time someone says “You just need to get away for the weekend” yes, I do. But it isn’t that easy. These are not excuses, these are barriers. Real, physical barriers. And no amount of positive thinking can take those physical barriers away. I’m not complaining, I’m explaining :). #chroniclife #RA #RARealityCheck #ListenLearnUnderstand


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