Gamerboy and impending exams and Aspergers / Autism


Gamerboy is struggling right now.  School is very hard for him, despite his intelligence.  He has Autism and doesn’t see and feel and process the world the same way most people do.  He has additional needs, and those needs have been taking up a lot of my time.  I’m not looking for sympathy when I post. I’m looking for kinship and empathy from those who understand or are experiencing similar. I’m hoping to educate those who have never experienced anything remotely like this, give them a window into the other side, and maybe help them stop and think before they judge.  And I’m looking for an outlet and a release because it’s a lot.

I appreciate kindness, above all.

Gamerboy has exams coming up and we are going through what we always go through. Except this is the last ‘practice’ run before the HSC.  And he knows it. He doesn’t have an intelligence problem or a discipline problem, he has a scheduling problem and a sensory problem and an anxiety disorder.

He has Autism.  Many people need to be educated as to what that actually means.

And I love him to pieces and I wouldn’t have it any other way, because he is one of the kindest, most caring human beings I have ever known.  He is smart and funny and loyal.  And I’m intensely proud of him. I see him struggle, and I see him try.  And he doesn’t give up.  Unfortunately, I wear the consequences when he fails and so does the Chicklet.  His rage is terrifying. His depression has depths unfathomable.  His sadness is soul destroying to watch.  He needs support and love and hugs. He does not need punishment and to be made to feel like more of an outsider than he already feels.    He needs love.


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