Gamerboy…Aspergers…we just keep working on it.


School started back yesterday. Gamerboy has been building for several days to a meltdown. “Luckily” he hit a stud, and didn’t put a hole in the wall…he just destroyed his hand.


He has no friends at school. (Big picture)

I tried to discuss the noise he makes at night, and how it keeps the Chicklet awake. (Current issue that pushes him over the edge).

It’s near impossible to discipline a kid with autism…but you have to try. I have tried every possible approach..nothing works. Nothing. Works. Don’t assume a parent hasn’t tried just because the strategy didn’t work.

So now he’s a mess in bed. He’s almost 18 years old and he’s crying like a small child. And I’m exhausted and in tears. There is no solution and there is no end. But he is my son. And he’s one of the best people I know. You don’t throw someone away because they have a disability. You don’t stop trying because its really effing hard.

You just keep working on it.


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