Final straw my rheumy forgot to put my Actemra script in to medicare


I called my rheumatologist. Again. She filled out the script last night. She was ‘checking a few things’ but refuses to elaborate on what. Which means…she forgot. She left me hanging for four weeks. Four weeks ago I saw her and she said she would apply for Actemra and get it done fast.  If I hadn’t called yesterday who knows how long she would have left it sitting there. Bitch.

They are express posting the script to medicare, and the receptionist (says she) will keep in touch with them and try to expediate the process. One good thing about ‘roid rage, I am very assertive. Snivelling little apology girl is long gone.

But, damage done. It will still be three weeks minimum until I have the script in my hands, probably more like four. And another week to order the drug in at my pharmacy.

People don’t believe that all this shit really happens to me. They give me the eye roll. They call me a drama queen. They say I make it up.

I don’t.

And their lack of belief makes a crappy even situation worse.

So I’m making an appointment with the other rheumy, despite him not being that keen on taking me on. I’m not putting up with current rheumy and her useless staff any more. Pretty sure that’ll make her happy anyway, clearly she has no interest in treating me either. Can’t get much worse. Dr 5th opinion said 6 months Actemra and then six months Rituxan. Rituxan is what I want, given it treats CNS vasculitis as well. And if that doesn’t work, he believes nothing will. I’ll take my chances with him.



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