Eosinophilic Esophagitis is rearing its ugly head again…time for the Top 8 diet


My Eosinophilic Esophagitis is becoming symptomatic again…which is a problem considering I’m on 20mg of prednisone. (That should clear it up completely). My immunologist would say go back on the top 8 diet, but my gastroenterologist says don’t bother, it won’t help that much and she believes my disease is caused by environmental allergens.

Last week I ate steak and it became impacted (very painful). This morning it took me 15 minutes and several attempts to get my medications down. I don’t tend to eat much as a rule, but I’ve been eating whatever I feel like. Going back on the top 8 diet does not appeal. It’s very restrictive and takes effort…extra effort checking every food I put in my mouth for allergens, extra effort in cooking meals, keeping mine separate and uncomtaminated, and just generally having to think much harder about food and meals.

But I’ve already had two dilatations in two years and the last one was only two months ago. And still my esophagus is closing again. So I don’t really have an option…back on the diet. Bummer.


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