Disability and the flaws in the system


Almost six months ago I swallowed my pride and tried to find home help, because at that time I was drowning under my to do list, and not physically capable of basic house work. I improved somewhat, and I didn’t push the application. Today I called again, to check on the progress of my application.

I am told there is no capacity in my area. The local service who provides funded home help is full.

So that’s that. Go away.

There is no triage system. It is not needs based. It is purely first come first served. There is no review system where people’s eligibility is reassessed. People have to choose to give up their government funded cleaner and/or gardener for a space to become available. I am paraphrasing the discussion, but that’s how the system works.

NO ONE does that. I mean, I’m the kind of idiot who would. If I were using a service that I thought someone else needed more, I’d give it up. But most people don’t think that way.

And now there is no more capacity in my area, so they can take on no more clients. I’m expected to just go away. Quietly.

I cannot believe this is truly how the system works.

Does anyone have experience with government funded home help for people with a disability? Non NDIS, that is.

If this is correct, and this is really the way the system works, it needs to change. Help needs to be based on NEED. Current need. And services need to be periodically reassessed to ensure those with the greatest need receive these services.

If after all that, I miss out, I’m fine with that. Because there are others in greater need. That’s fine by me.

But not because they applied before I did.

If anyone has any information or advice on how the system works, please message me. I’m getting brick-walled everywhere. But I got nothing but time, and a head full of steam and I can make calls from the couch. I can’t believe the system really works this way.


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