Day Four – Thoughts become Things

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Something that the ‘Law of Attraction’ and those of that ilk spout, that you just have to think positive, and the universe will manifest your desires…as long as you believe hard enough. It’s kinda like the Wizard of Oz…there’s no place like home, three clicks of your heels and you’re home. You had the power all along!

It’s a really, really nice fairy tale…that everything you desire you can manifest just by believing it fervently.  It sounds all very beautiful, and loving and giving and wonderful.  But there’s a dark side to this kind of magical thinking.

Some people use it as a licence to be cold, hard asshats.  Because, if everything can be manifested, if every dream can be achieved just by thinking hard enough about it, if every goal can be attained by focusing on the end result, if every ILLNESS can be cured by believing in being healed, then no one has to HELP anyone, because everyone has the power to help themselves.

This is patently utter rubbish.

Everyone needs help sometimes.  Some dreams ARE impossible, and no amount of positive thinking will change it. And some illnesses are not curable.  People suffer. People hurt. And people die.

And if you tell yourself that the power to cure all ills lies within every person…that lets you off the hook nicely, doesn’t it?  Because whatever happens to other people is all their own fault.

I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of crap, all wrapped up with a pretty bow of faux kindness, many times.  The number of people who have told me I can cure myself, just by ‘seeing myself well’ is pretty horrendous.  Those people won’t lift a finger to help, because I have to learn to help myself, to manifest a positive future for myself, to heal *myself*.

They’ve missed the point quite horribly.

Truth is, to make things happen it’s not enough to just *think* about it. You actually have to take action, you have to DO something as well.  Success comes from keeping your eyes on the prize and *hard work*, not just conscious thought.

And bad things just happen sometimes.  You didn’t fail because you didn’t believe hard enough. That brick wall didn’t yield to your dedicated belief system, because, well, it’s a BRICK WALL!

Thoughts can, however dictate the way your life feels…to you and others.  Your thoughts CAN dictate how well you cope with setbacks and trouble.  Your thoughts can make the difference between bouncing back and crashing and burning.

Do you want your life to be filled with joy and hope and the pursuit of dreams?  Or are you going to spend your time on earth remembering all the people who hurt you, let you down, and wronged you?

It’s a simple choice, but its easier said than done. You need to sit with the negative experiences, and work through the negative emotions, but you can’t hold on to them.  You can’t use them as a reason for your sadness forever.  And you can’t let that reason become and excuse for why nothing good ever happens to you.  You have to move forward at some point, and take some control, or as much control as anyone has, and that really comes down to your thoughts.  And the only way the ‘bad’ can mean anything is if you learn from it.

If you can’t find a reason (sometimes there isn’t one) you need to find acceptance.  And that’s often the hardest thing of all….to accept that bad things happen to good people.  For no reason at all.  Through no fault of their own.

There is a whole lot of chance involved in everyone’s path….a whole lot of circumstances that no amount of positive thinking can change.  But positive thinking can help you deal with those things when they happen, can help you move through the hard times and help others along the way.  And help you find the happiness within the circumstances, the silver lining if you will.

I used to say ‘there’s always an upside’ annoyingly often.  And I always *could* find the upside. And it becomes a habit, and it gets easier and easier. Even the tiniest bit of good can soften the harshest blow.

So your thoughts don’t exactly become things, but they become the thing, more than any other, that decide how happy life will be.


  1. I like to say we have the privilege of the ability to try things. Not everything will work out, but no one knows what will fail unless we try. I do regard it as a privilege, one I will never take for granted. In addition I do not mind failing, that is also the privilege of being alive.


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