My complaint to the Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission called me back. My surgeon is using delay tactics to provide the information I have requested. She has hired a lawyer to deal with my complaint (not unusual, apparently) and the lawyer says they will provide all the relevant information by October 1st.
The hospital has also been delaying, but if their information has not been provided by COB today, the Human Rights Commission can compel them to release all my records to them, and they will start that process on Monday.
After they’ve received all the records the Human Rights Commission will review them, and forward the information I have requested – basically an explanation for why I was not given pain relief, why i was not given post op steroids and how my surgeon could not detect that I was bleeding internally and lost an amount of blood (almost 50%) which is almost always fatal.
I was very obviously critically ill (very low blood pressure, high pulse rate, low oxygen, low urine output, ALL in my medical records). But somehow I was able to walk and talk, so she didn’t take me seriously. I don’t know why I can walk and talk when I’m in excruciating pain. I have no idea. I just can, that’s all.
I want to know why she didn’t order a head CT and blood work which would have detected the blood loss, and maybe shown the reason for my ongoing neurolgoical deficits. The bruising alone should have told her something was very, very wrong. But she had a full schedule and a weekend away planned.
I want an explanation. That’s pretty much it. Having started this complaints process, all of this will be forwarded to AHPRA, the regulatory body for medical practitioners. And they will decide if further action needs to be taken against her. That’s a matter of course now, and out of my hands. It will inconvenience her. Good.
But I need to dig out all my notes, get myself a lawyer and get prepared. I’d like to think that she’s worried if she’s engaged her negligence lawyer, but its just standard procedure. She probably won’t lose any sleep over this. But I will. I already have. I hate confrontation, but I will likely have to attend a mediation session with her, to get my explanation.
I do want it that badly. It’s not vengeance. I was hurt very badly and I want to know why. I want her to explain why she didn’t provide the appropriate post-op care.
And then I can move on.


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